What is an Anostraca?

  • Anostraca is one of the four orders of crustaceans in the class Branchiopoda; its members are also known as fairy shrimp. It’s also the name of an Art Car, which is a ship on wheels that calls Big Sur home.

What is Camp Anostraca?

  • You + BigSurCus + Firestone + Ocean Sushi Deli + NVO + LuvLab + Vendor Village + Hot Box Harry + Lily Zobler + Big Sur + Savage + Merry Makers + Todd Hannigan and Sleeping Chief + The Anostraca Art Car + so much more – cell phone service = Camp Anostraca.

Where is the event?

  • Henry Miller Library, Hwy 1 Big Sur. Or 29.3 miles south of Rio Rd in Carmel.

When and where should I buy my ticket(s)?

  • Now
  • Camp Anostraca will sell out.
  • There will be a limited amount of tickets sold for the event.
  • We will not over sell this event.
  • There will be a very limited amount of tickets sold at the door.
  • Buy tickets now.
  • Buy Tickets here: www.henrymiller.org

Where am I going to park?

  • Parking is limited!
  • Parking along Highway 1 can be risky, so be extra cautious
  • Please encourage safety by carpooling, carrying flashlights and being mindful of traffic.
  • There will be a lot of traffic! Saturdays in July are extremely busy along the highway.
  • Wear comfortable footwear to walk to and from the event.

Can I use a credit card while at the event?

  • Please bring cash.
  • There is not an ATM on site.
  • There will be food, beer and wine as well as vendor booths for our local artisans.
  • Help support our artist friends!

Will there be water?

  • To limit the plastic waste at this event, please bring your own water bottle.
  • We will have a refill station for you to use and encourage drinking water as it will be hot.
  • Beer and wine will be available for purchase.

What’s the most important thing to know?

  • Be Conscience of the Grass!
  • The Library has asked us to be very sensitive to the lawn by not dancing on the grass.
  • You read that correctly- Please no dancing on the grass.
  • There are lots of other places to get down… please help us keep the Library’s lawn healthy and beautiful for their upcoming events.
  • If you are dancing on the grass do not be alarmed if someone should come over and point out numerous other locations for you to move your booty shaking, feet stomping self too.
  • If you are a multiple dancing on grass offender, we will politely ask you to leave.

Also crucial..

  • When the fire dancers are performing please ensure a safe distance from them and know that public participation is not allowed.

If I am from out of town where can I sleep?



Julia Pfeiffer State Park

Andrew Molera

Limekiln State Park

Ventana Campgrounds


For any unanswered questions please email campanostraca@gmail.com